An ever evolving and constantly changing version of our Double Dry Hopped Tell Tale pale ale. With Evo, we will explore various alterations of the base Tell Tale recipe, creating unique one-off beers.

DDH TELL TALE EVO / version 1 / 10.10.18

With the DDH Tell Tale EVO series we wanted to explore new beer ideas as well as find new ways to tweak our current core hoppy beer offerings. Things like heavier dry hopping rates, different yeast strains, alternative water profiles, and more are all on the table with this series.

Before we talk about DDH Tell Tale EVO, let's first start with a little info on DDH Tell Tale. We take our Citra, Mosaic dry hopped pale ale Tell Tale pale and add an extra pound per barrel of Citra, doubling the Citra dry hop and thus DDH Tell Tale. The result is a tropical, subtly dank and resinous, highly drinkable pale ale.

With this first iteration of the DDH EVO series, we wanted to take the base beer, Tell Tale, and add a slight twist. Instead of adding the extra pound per barrel of Citra, we chose to dry hop with Idaho 7. For Mast Landing, Idaho 7 has been a great way to add notes of melon, resin, and subtle tropical fruit to our beers and we felt these characteristics would play well with the Citra, Mosaic dry hop in Tell Tale.

The resulting beer pays homage to Tell Tale while creating a unique experience for the consumer. This is exactly what we are striving for with the DDH Tell Tale EVO series. Enhanced notes of mango, pineapple, and guava along with a pleasant increase in the resinous character that usually is a background note in DDH Tell Tale.

We are extremely proud of this first iteration in the DDH Tell Tale EVO series and we hope you enjoy this beer as much as we do.

Simon Burhoe / Brewer